Who We Are

We remain a private owned and operated group with a focus on property-based investments. This independence is an integral factor in our success. It goes to the very heart of how our organisation operates, our responsive and agile nature, the values we embody and the success of our investments.

Utilising our decades of industry expertise combined with our specialist subsidiaries enables the group to successfully undertake various property-based investments from there concept to fruition. This breadth of experience enables the careful consideration of every detail during the development process that results in the best possible outcomes for our investments and ultimately the subsequent purchasers and occupants of the developed sites. These investments encompass the speculative developments of both green and brown field sites for sale and retention. These speculative development schemes are for both the commercial and domestic markets.

Intelligent project control and experience with careful consideration of every detail maximise our investments

The group maintains a portfolio of properties. The properties in our portfolio are selected speculative developments that have been retained. These properties are leased to tenants as well as being managed and maintained over their lifecycle by the group’s subsidiaries.